OpenStack Cloud Platform

OpenStack is a free open source cloud platform for both small and large establishments. It offers a different hosted Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment for applications to run on. Originally it was developed jointly by Rackspace Hosting and NASA, but the OpenStack Foundation now manages it. Applications running on Amazon Cloud can easily be ported on OpenStack due to API’s compatibility, making the transition easy should you wish to do so.

With Techseria you will get fully built OpenStack cloud platform on which real-time applications can run smoothly. Our cloud team can create a cloud environment with high availability as per your requirements assuring scalability and efficiency for infrastructure utilisation.

Benefits of OpenStack Cloud Platform

With unprecedented future lookout and security, the cloud is a must for everyone. With Techseria you get the best expert team when it comes to cloud services:

  • Hybrid cloud creation and deployment
  • Extensible & robust cloud design & implementation
  • Public and Private cloud management
  • Monitoring 24/7, analytics and reporting
  • Implement agility in infrastructure
  • Reduce infrastructure cost via private cloud