Wantfeed lets you store and curate things from around the web into your personal want list – kind of like a wishlist but with super powers. Share your WANTLIST with family and friends and they’ll know exactly what to get you.

Technology stack:
  • ASP.Net
  • IOS

About The Client

With 11 years experience in digital and print design, the client comes from publishing industry. Having worked with power-houses such as Bauer Media, Emap, and Trinity Mirror Group PLC, the client is capable of consulting and delivering on brand-sensitive design projects usually providing innovative design concepts that drive awareness, increase user engagement and provide sales.

Currently focused on creating a series of exciting technology www.my5.it, a new social bookmarking portal that enables users to tag and share their current five favourite interests with the world. The idea later evolved and became Wantfeed.com an online social wishlist bookmarking website. A trending iPhone application backs the Wantfeed website.

The Client’s Requirements


Coming from media and publishing industry; having experience with print design and digital marketing; an active youtube, twitter and facebook user, the client identified the specific challenges users faced during in online shopping from his experience. The key challenges users faced were to keep a list of all items bookmarked when any item was out of stock or if the item they wanted was expensive at the time.

These challenges made the client create a new site called my5.It, where users would be allowed to bookmark limited items into their account. The small idea then evolved into the Wantfeed.com website and iPhone application but with a lot more features than just bookmarking.

Apart from bookmark wishlist the client wanted the site to have features such as liking or disliking an item, comment on an article, browser bookmarking tool for users to quickly add items to their wishlist, make friends, share your wishlist items, etc.. The Wantfeed is also connected with the Affiliate Window; Linkshare; and Skimlinks.

Our Solution


The Wantfeed.com was an excellent idea and was going to grow. The client and Techseria knew that there would be many users and a lot of data coming in future. So it was necessary to create the web and the mobile application robust and scalable. The key part here was going to be the data especially the images.

We provided the client with.NET and SQL Server based solution, and we stored and delivered images from the cloud-based AWS S3 service. Previously hosted on a dedicated server, we recently switched the infrastructure Amazon Cloud Services in multiple zones and high-availability architecture. We used AWS services like S3, EC2, RDS to ensure the optimised performance.

The website developed in .NET core and the Entity framework and store data in SQL Server. The iPhone application is created with a rich UI/UX and is developed using Cocoa Framework and customised with XIB.