Talking slots

Talking slots

The Talking Slots will bring the latest Slots; reviews; bonus features; free coins; good free money Casinos and real money Casinos which you can trust. It’s all about Talk Slots and discusses the latest topics.

Technology stack:
  • Drupal

About The Client

Based in Europe the client comes from the gambling industry and has excellent knowledge of Slots and Casinos. The client has over ten years of experience in the gaming industry. The client loves to play for at online Casinos for free or for real money.

The client wanted to share the knowledge and provide expert opinions on various online casinos and slot machines. Hence came the idea to develop an online platform to help game lovers keep themselves updated with casinos and slots reviews; news; their makers etc. The platform is called “”. provides all information about casinos and slots including their makers; where to play; the latest reviews; producers; types of casinos; and much more.

The Client’s Requirements

Talking slots

Being an expert of gambling, especially of casinos and slots, the client wanted to target a very nice market in the gambling area; they came up with precise requirements. They wanted a solution that would include for them to add dynamic content about,

Slots: A very specific input fields were required for each slots in the back-office such as Title, Description, Rating from the Camsan, links to play for free or with the real money.

Casinos: Similar to slots the client wanted to have very specific fields. The key difference here is casinos will be classified into two different categories: a) Online Casinos; and b) Social Casinos.

News: The News section contains the latest news about slots / casinos and can be refined by filters provided.

The site is also populated with features such as TOP MOBILE APPS; TOP SLOTS; TOP CASINOS; TOP SOCIAL CASINOS; and giving ratings to casinos and slots by users for different categories

Our Solution

Talking slots

Techseria provided the client with a CMS based solution to create a content rich website. We used Drupal 7 as a base to get a quick turn-around time with dynamic features and content.

We used Drupal’s built-in functionality to create content types for Casinos; Slots; News; and the Mobile Apps to allow the client to add a rich content for each of these content. We used a feature called Views built in the CMS to create listing pages for Casinos, Slots and News. With views we also catered client requirements to show various widget boxes which can be visible on top; left and bottom parts of the site.

Drupal’s most powerful theme facilitated and allowed us to create templates and modify all relevant pages such as the homepage, the listing pages, the review pages and the detail pages.