Node.js Integrated Development

Node.js is an open-source, runtime environment that allows us to build applications that use interactive real-time data. By using Google Chome’s JavaScript engine at its core, Node.js is extremely fast, stable and solid technology with 1000’s of free libraries available.

Techseria have extensive experience in creating web applications using Node.js. Node.js offers the following features.

Node.js Features

  • Non-blocking communication with the client ensuring high performance and scalability
  • Single threaded communication with tens of thousands of connections on relatively budget hardware
  • Commonly used web socket standard based communication between client and server
  • Scalable, fast and robust
  • Lightweight, open source and community-driven modules

Why Techseria for Node.js services?

Techseria is a reputable company for development using Node.js, and we offer the following services:

  • Integrate Node.js with different server-side web technologies such as PHP, JSP/Java and Ruby on Rails
  • Web monitoring dashboards, analytics and back-end dashboards
  • js API development and integration
  • Plugins and Ajax development
  • Highly scalable web and mobile application development
  • Large high-performance web applications development
  • js development consultation and maintenance
  • Quality assurance testing throughout
  • Experienced and efficient team with expertise in Node.js