Unix To Linux Migration Services

Linux offers plenty of open sources to work with and simpler solutions with agile methodologies. It is much more flexible and affordable than previous systems and is replacing large scale applications. Migration to Linux will result in improved overall system configuration as the dependency on proprietary hardware architecture is eliminated.

Here at Techseria we offer Linux from UNIX migration services with our expert professional team. We are open source specialists that have been managing end-to-end system migration services with complete authentication for years.

We use proven methods for migration to deliver perfect results for clients by analysing databases & applications as per your server requirements. We will then produce a strategic migration process along with Proof of Concept (PoC), and then after testing is complete, we deploy on live servers. After this, we will continuously monitor and communicate with our clients during the migration stage.


Benefits of Unix To Linux migration

Linux has benefited from continuous research & development and support from open source programming languages and now offers:

  • Higher performance with a less complicated system
  • Reduced operating, capital and opportunity costs
  • Technical agility & improved hardware choice
  • Lowered infrastructure overheads
  • Easier cloud deployments
  • Cost Saving
  • Vendor Locking

Where do Techseria fit?

Our professional team are well experienced in Linux migration to help you achieve optimum results. What can we deliver?

  • Scope of migration
  • Recommending best web technologies
  • Continuous support after migration
  • Challenging new tasks & possibilities
  • Optimum resources utilisation