LBC Podcast

LBC Podcast

LBC Podcast is an app for all mobile users in Android. The user can purchase podcast and play podcast and also user can add channel and upload podcast. The user can Subscribe and UnSubscribe features.

Technology stack:
  • Android
LBC Podcast

About The Client

The UK’s leading Ruby on Rails and mobile development shop. From advanced content management to top-tier web & mobile development using Ruby on Rails, IOS, Android, isWindows, HTML5 and more Entroparerevolutionising and re-imagining web and mobile experiences for the biggest brands in the world.

Specialties: Emerging channel strategy, Mobile business development & sales strategy, Digital publishing product sales & strategy, mobile application and HTML5 product planning, Account Management & Global Commercial development.

The Client’s Requirements

LBC Podcast

A specialist in emerging channel strategy, Mobile Business Development & Sales strategy, the client identified the specific challenge that users faced to view podcast audio and to download subscribed videos for future usage. The key challenges users faced was about a player who plays the audio that is downloaded or from living.

These challenges made the client create an application called LBS Podcast, where the user can view all podcast which they have subscribed it. Also, a custom widget is created through which user can play podcast audio. In-app purchase functionality which helps the user to buy the podcasts.

Our Solution

LBC Podcast

The LBC Podcast was an excellent idea to subscribe and unsubscribe channels. The client and Techseria knew that there would be many users and a lot of data in different channels. So it was necessary to create the admin and the mobile application robust and scalable. The key part here was to develop a widget and based to play all podcast.

We provided the client with Android Studio and SQLite database to store and retrieve data of all channel podcasts. A feature like a user can play and pause the podcast, add channel and upload a new podcast, download and share podcast, remove podcast channel, subscribe and unsubscribe podcast channel, monthly and a yearly subscription for the podcast, show list of the podcast.