10 Min Total ABS Workout

10 Min Total ABS Workout

10 MIN TOTAL ABS WORKOUT is your personal trainer, focusing on the most problematic areas of the core, you will never be under time pressure to get fit again.

Technology stack:
  • Android
  • IOS
10 Min Total ABS Workout10 Min Total ABS Workout

About The Client

The client is an experienced leader, project manager and fitness & wellness aficionado with high standards for luxury service and aesthetics. Excel in very diverse and multicultural environments.

The client is the expert in identifying what exactly makes a fitness & wellness business truly exceptional both in the eyes of the guest and the employee – and delivering on that with clear vision and direction.

Specialist in conceptualising programs, collateral, and websites. Often go to person for ideas, promos and copy. High in market penetration and strategic planning.

The Client’s Requirements

10 Min Total ABS Workout

Coming from fitness and wellness industry; having experience with high standards for luxury service and aesthetics; the client identified the specific challenges users faced during exercise. The key challenges users faced were to work on abs workout.

These challenges made the client create a new application called 10 Min Total ABS workout, where users would be allowed to work on their abs while watching videos based on the levels of beginners, intermediates and experts. The user can purchase level wise videos into their account.

Apart from watching videos the client wanted the app to have features such as an inbuilt music library where the user can create a playlist, play songs, shuffle songs, repeat songs. The user can also continue their workout by watching videos offline.

Our Solution

10 Min Total ABS Workout

The ABS workout was an excellent idea and was going to grow. The client and Techseria knew that there would be many users and a lot of viewers watching video online as well as offline. So it was necessary to create the local storage inside the application to store videos as well as a server where all data can be synchronised whenever there is internet connectivity found on the mobile device.
We provided the client with Cocoa Framework and SQLite based solution, and we stored and delivered videos to My SQL.
The backend is built on Zend Framework. The iPhone application is created with a rich UI/UX and is developed using Cocoa Framework and customised with a storyboard.